"A new way to experience the best golf clubs around the world"

Welcome to 319 Golf Society

Creating a network of members to the top golf clubs in America and soon the world. 319 Golf Society provides its members with access to premier golf courses and the opportunity to develop meaningful connections with others who are passionate about the game of golf. Each membership builds upon a scholarship to support undergraduate students in their pursuit of either playing at the collegiate level or working in the ever-growing golf industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 319 Golf Society members must belong to at least one private golf club. The courses on the How it Works page, offer an insight into both clubs 319 has members at and courses we are searching to get a connection at. If your course is not featured on the list, Contact Us to submit your club for approval.
  • Upon registration verification, members receive access to our membership network and the opportunity to play at their premier golf clubs. Along with this, the members receive an exclusive gift package from our sponsor and partners. All members are able to participate in 319 Golf Society tournaments and events as well as access members-only merchandise.
  • No! Upon registration approval, members are only able to view club and usernames. No other personal information is visible to other members or non-members.
  • Members have total control on how many times and when they are available to host. However, we ask that all members make themselves available to host at least one threesome per year, but no member is expected to accept any connection that is not convenient for them.
  • It is the guest’s responsibility to pay for any relating greens, cart, and caddy fees along with any tipping or pro shop purchases. While rounds are intended to be financially neutral for the host, they are expected to treat their guests to a drink or food at the 19thhole after play. Prior to the visit, guests should clarify with the host on payment expectations whether that be directly to the club or reimbursing the host.
  • We charge $100 per year to join 319 Golf Society, with half of the fee going directly to support young, ambitious golfers pursue a career in the golf industry.
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Golf Course during Sunset 2

Not just another Golf Club

Our team identified the demand for easier access to premier, private golf clubs during their vast range of experiences as a member of Grandfather Mountain Golf & Country Club and working as staff at multiple members-only golf clubs. We also recognized the gap between gender, race, and income as it relates to pursuing both golf at the collegiate level and a career in the golf industry. To break through these barriers, membership fees directly support a new generation of golf that focuses on accessibility and equality through scholarship.

“Through 319 Golf Society, it is my hope to grow the game that I've grown to love via scholarship and sportsmanship.”

Mike Pruitt and friends

Where We're Going

Establish a network of individuals that desire to experience the world’s most prestigious golf clubs and cultivate meaningful relationships. 319 Golf Society will support a new generation of golf that focuses on accessibility and equality by providing resources and opportunities for underserved golfers to pursue their dreams.

Through the scholarship, we are dedicated to making the game more accessible to all while providing them with the opportunity to pursue a career in the golf industry. In the future, we strive to grow by offering students the ability to continue playing golf at the collegiate level and introducing more individuals to the game of golf.​

Our values of Sportsmanship, Scholarship, Accessibility, Equality, and Responsibility are what drive us as an organization to pave a new path in the golf industry. Through these, we are inspired to share the valuable lessons the game of golf teaches to all players, no matter the skill level. ​

We are dedicated to providing even more opportunities to network and play by hosting a variety of tournament formats yearly. This will allow our members to not only demonstrate their skill and purchase Golf Society 319 merchandise, but also be introduced to a larger number of our membership.

Sponsors & Partners